Thousands backing energy deal

More than 2,000 households in Calderdale have signed up to the council’s plan for a collective energy switch.

The scheme plans to use the collective power to approach energy suppliers and negotiate a better deal on bills.

A total of 35,382 households have signed up to the scheme with 2,256 of those coming from Calderdale. As reported in the Courier last month Calderdale Council is hopeful of slashing up to £250 from homeowner’s bills.

The list of homes will be auctioned among energy suppliers along with homeowners who have signed up in Greater Manchester.

There is no obligation to accept the rate offered at the auction - homeowners can remain on their current tariff.

“Until now, the big energy companies have been able to call all the shots, but by working as a collective, households can drive a harder bargain and get a cheaper tariff,” said Calderdale Council’s economy and environment spokesman Barry Collins.