Tips on taking a break from social media

Lee kenny, CEO of Snowflake Media
Lee kenny, CEO of Snowflake Media

As a business owner, we are always on 24/7, even when we need to recharge our batteries. We are now in holiday season and the idea of taking a break shouldn’t fill you with dread.

This week I want to share some ideas on how to best manage social media while you are away.

Announce it

Ideally you can let your customers know you’ll be away and give them a little notice so they can place orders before you leave. This can increase sales and reduces any frustration.

For those who work in large organisations, think about how frustrating it can be to receive that email “I’m now going to be away for three weeks and uncontactable” that is sent 30 seconds before the person leaves and is completely unexpected. That’s how your customers can feel if it’s not handled correctly. Hand over the reins. Is there someone on your team or staff that can take over the social media for you while you are away? Again plan for them to take over a few days before you leave so you can handle any coaching opportunities and reduce your stress.

Schedule updates

Facebook allows you to select the time for the social media update to go live so you can schedule them for every day you are away in one sitting. Just make sure that you aren’t asking people to respond in these posts, unless you have someone to answer them. Running contests while you are away isn’t great, especially if there is a challenge with the entry form. Just lots of frustration. Here are some other great tools you can use:

Hootsuite: Allows you to schedule Tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn updates and Google + posts into as many social media accounts as you wish. The only downside with Hootsuite is the images you post on Twitter can sometimes not display automatically.

Meet Edgar: Relatively new on to the scene Meet Edgar allows you to recycle your best performing social media updates automatically. So if you have a quote that always attracts a lot of interaction, this can be rotated with others on a regular basis. While you may think your audience wouldn’t want to see the same thing time and again, in reality only your most passionate followers get to see every post anyway.

Buffer: We love Buffer at Snowflake Media. It allows you to set a schedule that can vary by both day, time and social media channel. Whether its interesting articles, blogs or highlighting products from your store, you can schedule them all with buffer so they all publish seamlessly in your absence.

Don’t go quiet. Most companies just don’t post for a week or two, but when you stop posting it’s difficult to get back to your normal engagement instantly.

When you are distracted by beaches or city breaks you come back with new ideas. So if you are taking a break, enjoy!