Top tips on how to maximise results

Social Media has to be one of the biggest time-killers of any activity. Completely useless! That is if you approach it like most businesses.

Top 3 tips for Maximising your results from Social Media

Know the score

Once you know the score, everything becomes easier. Do you need more visitors to your site or page or do you just need to convert better? At Snowflake Media we use the following tools:

Google Analytics (Free):

Facebook Insights (free): (must be logged in)

Twitter Ads. You don’t actually have to spend any money, but after signing up you get great access to their analytics (reporting). You can register within your Twitter settings, then visit analytics at this address:

Schedule your posts

Being “social”, means you need to post on your potential or existing customer’s schedule, not what’s convenient for you. You should schedule updates and tweets for the most effective times to reach your audience, even when you aren’t working.

Facebook (Free): Next time you go to make a post on Facebook, underneath where you write the update there is a clock symbol. If you press that before posting it will allow you to post it at the time when most of your fans are online. (Which you can find out through the Facebook insights link above) (Free): Hootsuite allows you to see all your personal and social media channels in one place. You can post live, respond or schedule all your Google+, Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn updates in one screen. You can also view who has mentioned or direct messaged you in the same place. Web & App versions are available

Find new followers (free-£10): One of our favourite tools for managing Twitter followers and finding new customers. Using Tweepi will save you hours every week. For a full tutorial on how to benefit most from Tweepi, we have recorded a 3 minute video for you, which you can view on the Halifax Courier website.

Lee Kenny
Managing Director,

Snowflake Media, Halifax