Treatment that smooths things over for both men and women

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Winter may be on its way, but the faces of many British women are thawing out.

Botox, the most common cosmetic surgery in the country, is suffering a backlash a decade after its rigid prominence on the faces of celebrities and average folk alike.

The waxy, immobile faces of both young and middle-age American and British stars have become cautionary tales of overindulgence with the injectable anti-wrinkle treatment. Books and online confessionals by many of them saying they regret their frozen foreheads and rigid smiles is helping turn the Botox tide.

The message from a lot of the stars is embrace your natural beauty and find other ways of keeping the wrinkles away that don’t require injecting a needle into your face. Many of them have turned to a treatment called Mesotherapy which gives you a Botox like effect but without diminishing natural movement of the facial muscles.

Mesotherapy works on the principle of delivering ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid into the mesoderm – the middle layer of the skin – using electrical pulses. It is designed to pump up skin and make it look fuller and younger but it can also help with pigmentation and age spots, eye bags and dark circles, acne scarring, cellulite, stretch marks, scars and hair loss.

Deb Baynham offers the treatment at her Elland salon, Spritz-Me Beauty in Huddersfield Road, and has had to invest in a second machine because it has got so popular in recent months. She believes Botox is definitely losing face amid the celebrity backlash and says many of her regular clients have tried Botox in the past but now prefer Mesotherapy to the needle.

“Botox and surgery aren’t for everyone but most women still like a little help in holding back the years and who can blame them. Mesotherapy is pain free. It’s a very relaxing treatment and there are no side effects and you see the results instantly,” says Deb who has been a beauty therapist for the past six years.

She says the products used have improved greatly over the years (there are now different strengths) and beauty therapists can now mix their own cocktails so that every treatment is tailor-made for an individual. “Some people simply want to rejuvenate a tired complexion; others want their skin brightening, tightening, lifting or their wrinkles and lines reducing. We talk to them about their main concerns and then mix them a personal cocktail. Some of the products used are the same as you find in facial fillers.”

The deluxe treatment starts with a cleanse and face massage followed by gentle microdermabrasion to get rid of dead skin and unclog pores. Then it is on to the main event. The cocktail mix is dropped onto the face and massaged in with a small electrical device. The electrical pulses help the products to penetrate deeper into the skin and at the same time stimulate collagen production, hydrate and tighten the skin and reduce the depth of wrinkles.

Mesotherapy is ideal for both men and women and while most of Deb’s clients are 30-plus she says the treatment is popular with brides too because it can give skin a porcelain finish and a healthy glow.

And while the face is the most popular area treated it is closely by a treatment for the décolleté.

This cocktail mix contains products to improve the firmness and hydration of the skin restoring its natural tone and elasticity. It also contains hyaluronic acid which is particularly effective on deep wrinkles. Mesotherapy is on offer in both Harley Street and Harrods, and is the favourite treatment of many beauty experts, including journalist Newby Hands. It costs over £100 in London for a one-off treatment but Deb normally charges £55.

For the next month however anyone who books a treatment with a friend will pay £40 each. If two friends have a course of six treatments together they will each pay £250. Anyone who books a course of six on their own will pay £275.

While you can see results after one treatment, a course of six is recommended followed by a three-monthly maintenance treatment. Deb is also doing Mesotherapy parties at home. If four women are there, the hostess gets her treatment free.

lAnyone who would like more details can contact Deb on Halifax 322198 or 07922 107327.