Web paving the way!

Nick Howard, left, and Philip Marshall
Nick Howard, left, and Philip Marshall

Limehouse and Simply Paving – two burgeoning businesses based in Halifax’s Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre – have teamed up together.

Simply Paving, which is owned by Philip Marshall, the former chief executive of Marshall’s plc, has commissioned Limehouse to create a number of product-based web commercials.

The 42 video adverts are an integral part of Simply Paving’s new website www.simplypaving.com which will go live later this month.

The 90 second videos show the company’s predominantly female customer base what you can be done with a range of paving products.

Since the company started in 2005, Simply Paving has supplied paving products to over 30,000 customers and is now the UK’s leading online paving supplier.

Mr Marshall said: “We understand the importance of getting the right product for the right location, especially as a patio or driveway can last a lifetime.

“The Limehouse-filmed videos which will feature on the new website show our customers exactly how various products can be used, enabling them to make their paving design vision become a reality.

“Innovation and forward thinking are key to Simply Paving’s success and so we’re always looking for new ways to communicate with our customers.

“Video is the future and so we felt now was the right time to add this element to our website.”

Limehouse managing director Nick Howard said: “More businesses are realising video delivers so much and that it is increasingly becoming the preferred format to communicate to customers and employees.

“Working with the Simply Paving team has been brilliant as we’ve got the same company ethos and a shared passion for Halifax.”