What has happened to all that money?

Puzzled: Ward Couns Michael Walls, Lynda and Paul Cromie
Puzzled: Ward Couns Michael Walls, Lynda and Paul Cromie

QUESTIONS are being asked over the unfinished clubhouse for Queensbury Sports and Social Club.

Ward councillors have asked Bradford Council officers to investigate funding allocated to the club.

Coun Michael Walls estimates around £600,000 is involved but since work started in 2009 only a shell has been completed on the site, off Albert Road.

He said the council gave £250,000 in matching funding and other monies were also involved.

“Eventually, building work started but last season ground to a halt,” he said.

“People are asking questions.”

Councillor Walls said officers had told him the club had run out of money but a more detailed explanation was needed and he has submitted a request for an open and transparent investigation.

“Myself and fellow councillors are concerned at what has happened to the large amount of money, including the £250,000 given by the council executive, and £10,000 allocated by Couns Paul and Lynda Cromie from the ward investment fund for a new pitch,” said Coun Walls.

“After being patient for a long time we want to see what money has been spent and what is happening from now on.”

Concerned Queensbury resident Dave Ryan said the council also needed to answer questions over the monitoring of public money allocated to the project.

“If there is no transparency people will wonder if money has been squandered away,” he said.

He said he was also puzzled by the lack of a new pitch when £10,000 from the ward fund was given specifically for that two years ago.

Club spokesman Paul Cannon, who has been involved in getting the development underway, was staying tightlipped.

“I have no comment. I don’t talk to the press,” he said.

“Those people need to come and ask me questions.”