With our bins, bags and buckets, your recycling makes good sense

Plastics fantastic: Staff at Home Recycling UK are (from the left|); Sally Doyle, Chris Hasling, Gavin Spall, Sam Johnson and Kenny Mahatoo                           Picture: Bruce Fitzgerald
Plastics fantastic: Staff at Home Recycling UK are (from the left|); Sally Doyle, Chris Hasling, Gavin Spall, Sam Johnson and Kenny Mahatoo Picture: Bruce Fitzgerald

GOING green sowed the seeds for a booming environmentally friendly business for Chris Hasling.

It all began in 2004 when Mr Hasling, after volunteering as a community recycling volunteer and as a compost advisor, realised that more people would start recycling and existing recyclers recycle more if it was made easier, tidier and even stylish.

The idea was to provide bins and other tools that would allow people to segregate waste at point and time of use rather than have to wander outside or to a recycling point or have untidy bags and boxes hanging around.

Being single at the time it seemed an easy decision to sell his house and buy in stock of recycling bins, can crushers and other tools to make recycling easier.

Mr Hasling set up in his parents’ double garage in the North East and filled it with bins.

Within months he had run out of space and bought a couple of 40 foot shipping containers to hold more stock.

By the middle of 2005 larger premises were needed and the fledgling firm Home Recycling UK moved into the Bolton Brow Gallery in Sowerby Bridge.

The building has been perfect for the company’s needs with a large floor area for holding lots of stock, natural light from the beautiful glazed roof as well as great views over the canal basin.

Although the original decision of locating the business in Calderdale had more to do with finding a suitable building, it has proved to also be an ideal location for an environmentally conscious business.

It is amazing just how many business services are available locally and in keeping with the desire to support local businesses and services, they are delighted to use them.

So even though moving here was more luck than management they have found that Sowerby Bridge is the perfect place to run a small environmental product business.

Since moving to Halifax the business has grown from strength to strength, even through the difficult economic backdrop of the last few years.

They now stock the UK’s largest range of recycling bins, all supplied from stock, all out of their Sowerby Bridge location.

Employing six people, the company operates from the stunning glass-roofed, converted Sunday School overlooking the Rochdale Canal and has provided over 40,000 recycle bins and can crushers to make recycling easier.

Its customers are diverse and can be anyone from an individual customer to multinational corporations.

A lot of the recycling bins leaving through the small green doors at Bolton Brow end up at interesting places, such as, film sets for major blockbuster films, super yachts of the super wealthy, Antarctic expeditions, Royal residences and the odd order from an HX postcode.

So what are their future plans?

Well over the coming months they are looking at increasing the range of products they supply to include a range of new high quality microfibre cleaning products which are becoming widely used in locations such as airports, hospitals and the new London Olympic facilities.

And of course they will be ensuring that they keep providing the excellent service that there customers are used to, whether that’s Mrs Smith from Aberdeen, or one of the world’s largest banks in Hong Kong.

When it comes to recycling bins, it seems that Sowerby Bridge is the centre of the environmentally friendly universe.