Workers are key to business growth!

Neil McLean, Chair, Leeds City Region LEP
Neil McLean, Chair, Leeds City Region LEP
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SOME of Calderdale’s top businesses have joined a campaign to increase investment in skills and enable those out of work to gain the necessary skills to compete in the labour market.

The “Five Three One” campaign is being promoted by the Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership.

It covers the whole of West and North Yorkshire and is looking to enrol up 1,000 companies by the end of the year.

The Eureka Children’s Museum, Jade3 Architecture, Beverley Shutak Printing, Torevell Dent, Liquid Lens, Premier Inn, Heights UK, Calderdale Council, Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust have already joined.

Partnership chairman Neil McLean said: “We need to invest more in people, increase our productivity and help our businesses grow.”

Board member Stephen Kennedy said he wanted as many businesses as possible to support the campaign.