Businesses identify key opportunities for Halifax’s future

Halifax Town Centre.
Halifax Town Centre.

Businesses across Halifax town centre have attended a series of workshops in the last month to discuss their ideas for the future of the town centre and projects they would like to implement.

This forms part of the consultation of businesses across the town centre to gather views on projects which they would like to see in a Business Improvement District (BID) business plan.

Sam Mason, CEO of the Piece Hall and co-chair of the Marketing Halifax’s BID Steering Group, said: “This is an important part of the development of the plan together with the surveys and interviews being held on a one-to-one basis with businesses, which explore their thoughts in more detail.

The workshops, led by the specialist BID consultants Partnerships for Better Business explored business’ thoughts on the future of Halifax, exploring issues and practical solutions.

Leigh-Anne Stradeski, CEO of Eureka Children’s Museum, also co-chair of the BID Steering Group added: “There were really lively discussions and one of the key themes to emerge from the workshops was how to improve access around and into the town centre itself and make it easier to walk from one part to another.

“We have some great attractions in the town but they are poorly signed and mean that visitors may visit one part of the town without realising that there some other great parts to see and make the most of their visit.

“Other topics discussed included improved coordination of the marketing and promotion of the Halifax and to have more events happening on a regular basis.”

Business ideas from the workshops will be combined with the findings from the interviews and surveys to identify projects for the business plan.

There will be a further series of workshops in June when businesses will consider the amount of levy they will pay and how this money will be allocated to the projects identified in the plan.

“It will be important to ensure that all businesses benefit from the plan and consider it worth paying the levy so that they vote yes in the BID ballot in October,” said Mr Mason.

“If you have not yet met a member of the BID team to discuss your future business needs, please contact them as soon as possible to arrange a meeting.

“If the BID does go ahead, a BID Company will be formed by the businesses who will then be responsible for ensuring that the improvements are implemented fairly, thus helping to ensure the town’s businesses have more profile and the town becomes economically stronger.”