Bystanders rushed to help Richard Reynolds as he lay dying in the road

BYSTANDERS who rushed to the help of a man as he lay in the road after a fatal punch have told a jury what happened in the minutes after the alleged assault.

Richard Reynolds died 12 days after being hit on a night out in Sowerby Bridge on May 13.

Daniel Duckworth of West Street, Sowerby Bridge, has denied manslaughter.

Helen Lawton, who was on a night out with her friend, told Bradford Crown Court she heard raised voices coming from a group of four people near the Roxy Bar as she crossed Wharf Street.

As she looked, she saw a punch thrown at the face of Mr Reynolds.

“I saw the man leave the floor and land in the road on the back of his head with a crack,” she said.

“He was not able to break his fall,” she said.

She ran across the road to the man’s aid and began trying to help him. She held his hand and tried to comfort him. Miss Lawton described blood coming out of his nose, mouth and from the back of his head.

Her friend, Laura Hall, broke down in court as she recounted the incident. Both women say they saw Duckworth push his girlfriend towards a wall, as if he was threatening her.

Another witness, Astrid Samways, from Illingworth, was leaving the Roxy Bar when she said she heard screaming.

She said she saw Duckworth move to kick Reynolds as he lay on the floor, but did not see whether he made contact. The couple then passed her as they left the scene. She heard Miss Burrell ask her boyfriend: “What the hell did you do that for?

“She grabbed him and he gave her a sidewinder – a sideways slap.”

Along with boyfriend Mark Ogden, she also rushed to help Mr Reynolds. “He wasn’t moving. We moved him on to his side because traffic wasn’t stopping. He had blood coming out of his mouth, nose and ears. It was like treacle,” she told Bradford Crown Court.

The prosecution say Duckworth attacked Mr Reynolds in a jealous rage after there was flirting between Mr Reynolds abd Duckworth’s girlfirend.

Duckworth said he only intervened after Reynolds and his friend made sexual comments to his girlfriend.

l The trial continues.