Calderdale cabbies to face new English exam

Calderdale transport'Taxi queue on Market Street, Halifax
Calderdale transport'Taxi queue on Market Street, Halifax

Taxi drivers in Calderdale will have to take a basic English test if councillors agree to the new examination.

Members of Calderdale Council’s licensing and regulatory committee will consider whether an agreed standard of spoken English should be required by licensed private hire and hackney carriage drivers in Calderdale.

It is being recommended by Council officials to introduce the test for all new license and renewal applications of drivers.

The test will fall in line with other local authorities in West Yorkshire who already have the examination as part of their license procedure.

A new duty has been placed on all public authorities to ensure all workers can speak fluent English within the Immigration Act 2016.

Although this is not directed at Calderdale’s licensed drivers, it does suggest a direction for those carrying out services within of behalf of the public sector.