Calderdale children are top of the tests

Calderdale primary schools have maintained their reputation as the best in West Yorkshire when it comes to English and maths tests.

The percentage of 11-year-old children achieving Level 4 or above in both subjects this year was 83 (girls 85 and boys 81).

That is well above the average for schools across the country which this year was 80 per cent (82 and 77).

In neighbouring Bradford the overall number achieving Level 4 was 75 per cent, Kirklees 76, Leeds and Wakefield 77 per cent.

The average for Yorkshire and Humber was 77 per cent (79 girls and 74 boys).

For the previous five years, the average score for Calderdale pupils has hovered around 77 per cent and in this year’s tests, girls in particular showed a huge improvement - up from 78 to 85 per cent achieving the expected grades in both subjects.