Calderdale couple’s births registered one after the other

Colin Richardson and his wife Margaret have been married for 55 years.
Colin Richardson and his wife Margaret have been married for 55 years.

A Calderdale couple who have been married for 55 years have discovered their births were registered one after the other back in 1938.

Colin and Margaret Richardson, who live in Greetland, were both registered at the civic hall in West Vale - Colin on June 10 and Margaret on June 20.

Margaret explained: “We were looking for our birth certificates a year or two back before we went on holiday.

“It was me who saw it. I just said ‘oh look, I’m the next one to you’.

“It’s amazing really. I can’t imagine it happens very often. It’s quite a coincidence.

“We were only registered 10 days apart.

“Our family couldn’t believe it. I rang our son and he said ‘oh that’s unusual’ and I said ‘I know, that’s what I’m telling you for!’”

The couple were born 17 days apart, and Colin turned 80 on April 30, while Margaret reaches that landmark on May 17.

They have three children, Mark, Angela, and David, three grandchildren, George, 24, Emma, 28 and Andrew, 26, and two great-grandchildren, Angelica, three and Elysia, one.

“We met in Elland when I was 17 and were courting for eight years before we got married because Colin was doing his national service,” said Margaret, who worked for confectionery company Mackintosh’s, while Colin was a television engineer

On the longevity of their marriage, Margaret added: “We just don’t argue. Well we do argue, but not badly. We have our differences but we just enjoy every day that comes.”