Calderdale farmers colourful support for cancer charity

Farmers Jason Lund and Richard Holroyd
Farmers Jason Lund and Richard Holroyd

Farmers are backing charitable causes by adding a splash of colour to the fields of Calderdale.

Passers by in Hebden Bridge and Stainland may have noticed hay bales wrapped in brightly-coloured plastic by Richard Holroyd and Jason Lund respectively.

The pink bales, wrapped by Jason Lund, are in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness, the purple by Richard Holroyd in aid of children’s charities.

Richard, who has experimented with the coloured bales for three years, explained that the charity effort is one pioneered by suppliers.

He said: “We first started out of nowhere, really. One day we went to order some new wrap and this pink stuff was available.

“It was explained to us that it was for charity. It was slightly more expensive, but that the difference went to the good causes.

“We just thought it was such a good idea. Sure, it costs us a few extra quid but everyone should do their bit for charity, shouldn’t they?”

Richard has even gone one further with his purple hay bales, affixing a cartoon ‘face’ to bales at the entrance to his farm.

“The children in our family got really into it,” he said, “they designed faces and it looks great.

“It’s a bit of fun and like I say, it all goes to a great cause.”

Jason, who’s pink bale wrap has caught the eye in Stainland, said:

“As a family we’ve had people affected by cancer, but then everyone has, haven’t they? It’s all for such a good cause.

“We don’t mind paying the extra few quid for it. We’ve always done our bit for charity and it seemed like a good way to do that. It’s a bit of fun at the end of the day.”