Calderdale flood warnings in place as torrential rain hits the borough

Flood warning remain in place in Calderdale
Flood warning remain in place in Calderdale

Torrential rain from the weekend has seen a number of flood warnings put in place across Calderdale.

West Yorkshire Fire have been assisting other agencies including Calderdale Council and Yorkshire Water in dealing with a number of flooding incidents in towns and properties across Calderdale as heavy rain has hit the area last night.

Here is a full rundown of all the flood warnings that are in place along the River Calder.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said that tiver levels on the River Calder peaked late on Sunday night and are falling through this morning.

These are the areas still with a flood warning in place.

River Calder at Callis Bridge and Charlestown

River Calder at Central Todmorden

River Calder at Eastwood

River Calder at Hebden Bridge - Mytholm and Hebble End

River Calder at Todmorden from the Cricket Ground to the Railway Bridge

River Calder at Todmorden - Harley Wood

River Calder at Todmorden - Millwood

River Calder at Todmorden - Patmos Burnley Road

River Calder from Todmorden to Eastwood

Walsden Water at Todmorden from Shade to Salford

Walsden Water at Walsden