Calderdale food establishments rated one star by hygiene inspectors

Food Standards Agency, Food Hygiene Rating sticker.
Food Standards Agency, Food Hygiene Rating sticker.

The Food Standards Agency has released its hygiene ratings for food establishments across Calderdale.

Inspections conducted over the past year show that 165 establishments across the borough received two stars or less - with 17 businesses scoring zero stars.

Below are the food establishments in Calderdale rated one stars - what did your favourite score?

A A Foods (Retailers - other) - 2 Mayfield Grove, Halifax HX1 3XH. Rated 1 on 25-Feb-2015

Abaseen (Takeaway/sandwich shop) - Queens Road Works, Queens Road, King Cross HX1 3XY. Rated 1 on 07-Aug-2014

AJ’s Fisheries (Restaurant/Cafe/Canteen) - The Belfry, Ashenhurst Road, Todmorden OL14 8EB. Rated 1 on 15-Oct-2014

Amaans Pizza (Takeaway/sandwich shop) - 19 Mixenden Road, Mixenden HX2 8PE. Rated 1 on 12-Aug-2014

Asia Foodstore (Retailers - other) - 66 Hopwood Lane, Halifax HX1 4DG. Rated 1 on 07-Mar-2014

B & H Wholesale (Retailers - other) - 178 Queens Road, King Cross HX1 4LN. Rated 1 on 30-Sep-2014

Bailiff Bridge Cafe (Restaurant/Cafe/Canteen) - 611 Bradford Road, Brighouse HD6 4DN. Rated 1 on 02-Dec-2014

Beehive & Cross Keys (Pub/bar/nightclub) - 31 King Cross Street, Halifax HX1 2SH. Rated 1 on 25-Sep-2014

Big Bite (Takeaway/sandwich shop) - 43 Crown Street, Halifax HX1 1JB. Rated 1 on 24-Mar-2015

Boothtown News & Booze (Retailers - other) - 51 Boothtown Road, Halifax HX3 6NE. Rated 1 on 30-Sep-2013

Bottomley’s Arms (Pub/bar/nightclub) - Wade House Road, Shelf HX3 7NU. Rated 1 on 16-Apr-2015

Casa Pizza II (Takeaway/sandwich shop) - 365 Skircoat Green Road, Halifax HX3 0RP. Rated 1 on 31-Aug-2014

Chilli Lounge (Pub/bar/nightclub) - Huddersfield Road, Halifax HX3 0NS. Rated 1 on 17-Feb-2015

Cinnamon Lounge Bar (Restaurant/Cafe/Canteen) - Slitheroe Works, Oldham Road, Ripponden HX6 4EW. Rated 1 on 08-Oct-2013

Czerwik ltd (Retailers - other) - 82 Commercial Street, Brighouse HD6 1AQ. Rated 1 on 18-Dec-2014

Enterprise House (Retailers - other) - 246 Queens Road, King Cross HX1 4NJ. Rated 1 on 07-Oct-2014

Fast Food Planet (Takeaway/sandwich shop) - 38 Gooder Lane, Brighouse HD6 1HT. Rated 1 on 17-Jun-2014

Francos Pizzeria (Restaurant/Cafe/Canteen) - Unit 8, Lineholme Mill, Burnley Road, Todmorden OL14 7DH. Rated 1 on 30-Oct-2014

Frangoz (Takeaway/sandwich shop) - 232 King Cross Road, Halifax HX1 3JP. Rated 1 on 13-Feb-2015

Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant (Restaurant/Cafe/Canteen) - 90 Southgate, Elland HX5 0EP. Rated 1 on 08-Jan-2014

Golden Lion (Pub/bar/nightclub) - Fielden Square, Todmorden OL14 6LZ. Rated 1 on 19-Mar-2015

Good Will (Takeaway/sandwich shop) - 70 Saddleworth Road, Greetland HX4 8AG. Rated 1 on 11-Feb-2015

Hot ‘n’ Spicy (Takeaway/sandwich shop) - 25a Boothtown Road, Halifax HX3 6EU. Rated 1 on 15-Jul-2014

Indigo (Restaurant/Cafe/Canteen) - 3 -7 Town Hall Buildings, Southgate, Elland HX5 0EU. Rated 1 on 10-Feb-2015

Indy Joe’s (Takeaway/sandwich shop) - 251 King Cross Road, Halifax HX1 3JL. Rated 1 on 14-Jan-2014

Ittefaq Catering (Other catering premises) - Unit 1, 2 Albert Street, Halifax HX1 5NW. Rated 1 on 15-May-2015

J.P’s Chippy (Takeaway/sandwich shop) - 16 Carr House Road, Shelf HX3 7QY. Rated 1 on 16-May-2014

Johal Bros (Retailers - other) - 16 Wheatley Lane, Lee Mount HX3 5EU. Rated 1 on 27-May-2014

Johal Brothers (Retailers - other) - 25 Ovenden Road, Halifax HX3 5QG. Rated 1 on 21-Oct-2013

Johals News (Retailers - other) - 109a-111 Whitegate Road, Siddal HX3 9AW. Rated 1 on 11-Jun-2013

Krunchy’s (Takeaway/sandwich shop) - 47-49 Crown Street, Halifax HX1 1JB. Rated 1 on 21-Apr-2015

Lord Nelson Inn (Pub/bar/nightclub) - 15 High Street, Luddenden HX2 6PX. Rated 1 on 30-Oct-2014

Luigi’s (Takeaway/sandwich shop) - 220a Rochdale Road, Greetland HX4 8JE. Rated 1 on 13-Aug-2014

Marshalls Bar (Pub/bar/nightclub) - Carlton Street, Hebden Bridge HX7 8ER. Rated 1 on 26-Sep-2013

Meena’s (Restaurant/Cafe/Canteen) - 4 Carlton Place, Halifax HX1 2SB. Rated 1 on 21-Aug-2014

Mick Byram Butchers (Retailers - other) - 9-10 Borough Market, Market Street, Halifax HX1 1DY. Rated 1 on 04-Feb-2014

Midgehole W M C (Pub/bar/nightclub) - New Bridge, Midgehole Road, Hebden Bridge HX7 7AL. Rated 1 on 18-Jun-2014

Munchies (Takeaway/sandwich shop) - 6a St Pauls Buildings, Langdale Street, Elland HX5 0EX. Rated 1 on 10-Mar-2015

Nursery Lane Stores & Off Lic (Retailers - other) - 56 Nursery Lane, Ovenden HX3 5SW. Rated 1 on 15-Jan-2015

Ovenden Off Licence (Retailers - other) - 358 Ovenden Road, Halifax HX3 5TJ. Rated 1 on 04-Oct-2013

Planet Taste (Takeaway/sandwich shop) - 95a Ovenden Road, Halifax HX3 5RQ. Rated 1 on 23-Sep-2014

PNG’s Mini Market (Retailers - other) - 24 Clough Lane, Mixenden HX2 8SN. Rated 1 on 13-Mar-2014

Polish Catholic Club (Pub/bar/nightclub) - Stainleigh, Francis Street, Halifax HX1 5JY. Rated 1 on 29-Oct-2013

Raja’s (Takeaway/sandwich shop) - 212 Queens Road, King Cross HX1 4NE. Rated 1 on 09-Dec-2014

Ridwans Takeaways (Takeaway/sandwich shop) - 4 Half House Lane, Brighouse HD6 2PH. Rated 1 on 13-Jan-2015

Romano Pizzeria (Takeaway/sandwich shop) - 100a Briggate, Brighouse HD6 1EL. Rated 1 on 05-Mar-2015

Saffron (Takeaway/sandwich shop) - 21 Oldham Road, Ripponden HX6 4DN. Rated 1 on 17-Mar-2015

Saffron Balti House and Pizza (Takeaway/sandwich shop) - 561 Gibbet Street, Halifax HX2 0AL. Rated 1 on 21-Oct-2014

Saghirs Fast Food (Takeaway/sandwich shop) - 1 Barum Top, Halifax HX1 1NL. Rated 1 on 03-Mar-2015

Sagra Restaurant (Restaurant/Cafe/Canteen) - 5 Carlton Place, Halifax HX1 2SB. Rated 1 on 11-Nov-2014

Salem Methodist Church Luncheon Club (Other catering premises) - Salem Methodist Church, Richmond Street, Halifax null. Rated 1 on 22-Jan-2014

Sandwich Post (Takeaway/sandwich shop) - 43 Bolton Brow, Sowerby Bridge HX6 2AL. Rated 1 on 23-Apr-2015

Shopsmarta (Retailers - other) - 1 Morley View, Siddal HX3 9DJ. Rated 1 on 14-May-2015

Shoulder Of Mutton (Pub/bar/nightclub) - 1 Towngate, Northowram HX3 7EA. Rated 1 on 06-Aug-2014

Spicy Chicken Bar (Takeaway/sandwich shop) - 75 Hopwood Lane, Halifax HX1 4DG. Rated 1 on 20-Aug-2014

T Richardson & Son (Retailers - other) - 12-14 Borough Market, Market Street, Halifax HX1 1DY. Rated 1 on 29-Apr-2015

Thai Corner (Restaurant/Cafe/Canteen) - 21-22 Borough Market, Market Street, Halifax HX1 1DY. Rated 1 on 14-Apr-2015

The Beehive Inn (Pub/bar/nightclub) - 48 Hob Lane, Ripponden HX6 4LU. Rated 1 on 30-Apr-2014

The Deli (Restaurant/Cafe/Canteen) - 14 Market Street, Hebden Bridge HX7 6AA. Rated 1 on 09-Mar-2015

The Feathers (Pub/bar/nightclub) - 263 King Cross Road, Halifax HX1 3JL. Rated 1 on 06-Jun-2013

The New Prospect Inn (Pub/bar/nightclub) - 1 Cowroyd Place, Halifax HX3 6JR. Rated 1 on 25-Sep-2014

The Pie & Pea Shop (Retailers - other) - Market Stall 129 To 130, Borou, Market Street, Halifax HX1 1DZ. Rated 1 on 24-Feb-2015

The Robin Hood (Pub/bar/nightclub) - 16 Wakefield Road, Brighouse HD6 1PE. Rated 1 on 09-Sep-2014

The Running Man (Pub/bar/nightclub) - 84 Pellon Lane, Halifax HX1 5QN. Rated 1 on 03-Feb-2014

Towngate Stores (Retailers - other) - 62 Towngate, Northowram HX3 7DX. Rated 1 on 13-Jan-2014

Wonderful (Takeaway/sandwich shop) - 106 Rochdale Road, Todmorden OL14 7LP. Rated 1 on 04-Nov-2014