Calderdale kitchens cooked-up some cash for SmartMove

Judith Wright's Come Dine for SmartMove Dinner Party
Judith Wright's Come Dine for SmartMove Dinner Party

The first course of the Come Dine for SmartMove campaign went down a treat with Calderdale’s culinary gods and goddesses cooking-up a storm in homes across Calderdale.

From October 10-25, Calderdale kitchens bubbled and boiled and homes were filled with hearty aromas as residents hosted Come Dine for SmartMove dinner parties in which guests donated £10 to the homeless charity that provides support and housing for homeless people in our region.

Janice Arkulisz Come Dine for SmartMove Dinner Party

Janice Arkulisz Come Dine for SmartMove Dinner Party

One of the dinner parties that took place at Janice Arkulisz’s Savile Park went ahead without electricity and a burst water pipe!

Janice said: “My husband put a nail through a pipe in the morning and we had no water or electricity until 3pm that afternoon. I couldn’t prepare the food or get ready until 3pm and guests were arriving at 7:15pm. So it was a mad rush doing the food and clearing the water.”

Determined the show must go on, Janice cooked-up a Spanish inspired tapas menu in which guests enjoyed Seville ‘hotdogs’, sardine and red pepper pie, patatas bravas, sangria and more.

Janice, a housing support worker for SmartMove, said: “This is a perfect way for me to do my bit for charity - I love food and would much prefer to eat and socialise with friends whilst raising money for charity than do a 10k run.”

Joy's vegetarian dinner party

Joy's vegetarian dinner party

Janice’s dinner party, pictured, with eight guests raised £184 for the charity.

Judith Wright hosted a dinner party for six at her Pye Nest home. Diners enjoyed a main course of duck with hoi sin sauce, roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese and green beans.

Joy Mills hosted a vegetarian lunch for five at her Halifax home. Guests enjoyed chestnut bourguignon cooked in red wine and Polish pierogi, pumpkin and more and finished with a white chocolate fondue. The lunch raised £115 for the charity.

Joy said: “The campaign adds a dimension rather than just asking for money - to also make it fun.

“I think I will have to get involved in the second half of the campaign and dine out now so that I don’t have to do the washing-up.”

SmartMove chief executive Stuart Rumney said: “So many people have held dinner parties and pledged their support to SmartMove. We’re really pleased with the amazing support we’ve had from the local community so far.”

The charitable culinary campaign raised a total of .... for the charity.