Calderdale library book buying budget slashed by £65,000

AN extra £65,000 has been slashed from the book buying budget of Calderdale libraries.

Calderdale Council say the saved funds will be used to balance budgets across the service.

In September it was revealed £150,000 had already saved from the library stock fund under general budget cuts.

In November, a report by head of finance, Pete Smith to council Cabinet said: “The Directorate has just imposed a freeze on the book stock fund for the remainder of this financial year which will yield a £120k saving.”

Any orders placed with book suppliers before week of October 24 last year are being honoured to meet contractual conditions and annual orders for large print books, talking books and reference library books are continuing.

Funding has also been set aside to buy children’s book of the year titles and stock for the schools’ library service.

The figures were requested by the Friends of Todmorden Library group.

The request reveals there will be a review of the savings this month.

Calderdale Council say the impact on library customers, stock and suppliers were all considered and to help lessen the effect on people with visual impairments, large print and talking books are still being bought.

Stock is still being purchased to support prearranged and advertised Children’s activities and events.

They say there are no further planned cuts to the libraries budget than previously planned.