Calderdale Talking Newspaper: Calderale Call - February 2011

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Click play on the console above to listen to Calderdale Talking Newspaper Association’s recording of the February edition Calderdale Call, the magazine of Calderdale Council..

The Calderdale Talking Newspaper Association was founded in 1979 by the late Mrs Jackie Stark and the late Norman Brown, with the help of Stuart McArthur, a blind radio enthusiast. It is one of the largest talking newspaper groups in the world.

The Calderdale Talking Newspaper - an audio programme of local news stories from the district’s newspapers - has for the past 30 years been recorded weekly on tapes by a regional team of volunteers and sent out entirely free of charge to avid listeners, providing an invaluable news service for sight-impaired people not only in Calderdale, but also as far away as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Now, the programme is recorded digitally and sent out on USB memory sticks to be played on special MP3-playing speakers, as well as being made available online here on the Courier wesbite.