Calderdale teenagers prepare for school-time climate change protest

Teens gathered to protest for action on climate change last month.
Teens gathered to protest for action on climate change last month.

Schoolchildren from across Calderdale will join in protest against a lack of action on climate change tomorrow.

Pupils from North Halifax Grammar, Ryburn Valley High School and Calderdale College will make the trip to Leeds with thousands of others as part of the 'Schools For Climate Action' demonstration.

It follows a day of action last month during which over 100 people gathered in Hebden Bridge to register their concerns.

The pupils' absence from school has been authorised by the headteachers at those schools, with pupils at others likely to join unauthorised.

North Halifax Grammar pupil Libby Hargreaves, 16, is among those making the trip tomorrow.

She said: "It's about climate change and it's about making our voices heard.

"We're the next generation, it's up to us to make sure something happens and that we change things.

"There are 17 from my school going, there could be more. We're pleased that this has been authorised by Mr Fisher, our headteacher, it shows that he cares about what his pupils think."

The strike action has been inspired in no small part by the actions of teenager Greta Thunberg, who's weekly protest led to a change in policy in her native Sweden.

"Where the adults complain, we campaign, we aim to show the government that this is not a trivial matter to be pushed to the side.

"There are no more excuses for a lack of action, this planet is our inheritance and something needs to be done."

The campaign encourages residents to:

- Email your local MP and ask them to bring up these issues in parliament.

- Use public transport rather than the car or plane, or even better- walk or cycle!

- Reduce meat intake and aim for at least one meat free day a week.

The protest will start at Leeds Town Hall from 11.30 and will make its way through Leeds city centre.