Calderdale working women outnumber men

Women now make up more than half of the adult workforce in Calderdale.

Detailed analysis shows that on the day of the 2011 Census, there were 79,519 people in employment in Calderdale.

Of these, 40,164 were women and 39,376 men.

According to the GMB union, in 12 out of 21 areas in Yorkshire & The Humber region women in employment make up half or more of all workers with jobs.

In Yorkshire & The Humber as a whole the total number of employees in employment is 1,999,954.

Of these 996,076 are women in employment which is 49.8 per cent of the total employees in employment in the region.

In the Craven district 52.4 per cent of those in work are women - the highest proportion in the region.

Next is Scarborough with 51.8 per cent followed by Ryedale (51.2), York (50.7), Sheffield (50.6) and Calderdale (50.5).

In Richmondshire there were 22,338 people in work when the Census was taken - 12,959 men and 9,379 women (42 per cent).

In England and Wales the total number of workers with jobs is 21.5 million.

About half of that, 10.74 million are men and 10.72 million are women, according to the GMB.