Calls for more hotel rooms in Todmorden

Peter Cockcroft, Cynthia Murray and Rob Goldthorpe would like a hotel to be built in Todmorden.
Peter Cockcroft, Cynthia Murray and Rob Goldthorpe would like a hotel to be built in Todmorden.

Build another hotel in Todmorden and watch the town thrive.

That is the message from campaigners lobbying for more accommodation in the town centre, who hope extra roomscould bring visitors to Todmorden and encourage them to delve into all the town has to offer.

The call is being spearheaded by the trustees of Todmorden Information Centre (TIC).

A letter submitted to Todmorden Town Council’s amenities committee by the TIC, due for consideration at Wednesday’s meeting, stated: “The trustees of the Todmorden Information Centre are convinced that there is a need for a mid range hotel in Todmorden.

“Visitors come to Todmorden for a good many reasons, as wedding guests, walkers, to see friends and family and the centre manager is often asked if there is accommodation other than bed and breakfast in the town.

“We do know of the work being carried out by Daniel Jessop, the volunteer and events co-ordinator for the Town Hall and are enthusiastic to support his work.

“We hope this will lead to more use being made of the Town Hall for example for conferences, musical events, weddings family reunions and other celebrations.

“Hotel accommodation would be a considered asset to events of this sort.”

At the moment the town’s only hotel is the ten-room Queen Hotel at Rise Lane and some years ago there was also the much larger Scaitcliffe Hall Hotel, for which a planning application to convert its various sections and suites into homes was submitted to planners earlier this year.

Rob Goldthorpe, chair of the Todmorden Information Centre Trust, said: “People do ask for accomodation in the Information Centre - we don’t do bad with bed and breakfast accomodation in the town, but a hotel would expand the choice of accomodation.

“It’s good walking country around here and another hotel could boost the facilities available to visitors.

“We are hoping to get some interest and momentum behind it and we need somebody who is going to spend some money.”

Mayor of Todmorden, Coun Steph Booth added: “I really think it’s a brilliant idea, we are in desperate need of a hotel in this town. I would like to see it at Rose Street, near the canal, I think that would be perfect.

“It would be a gateway to the town so people could take advantage of everything Todmorden has to offer.”

Simon Brearley, of regeneration group Todmorden Pride, said he also backed the idea, but it was vital to find a suitable site.

He said: “We can see the demand that the TIC can see, but one problem is finding a suitable site. I think there’s a great demand - it would allow more people to come and stay overnight, spend money and not feel they had to leave.

“Incredible Edible brings a huge number of tourists to the town and there’s a huge benefit to bringing these people in and keeping them in.

“Some businesses like cafes and retail businesses would clearly benefit.”