Calls for ‘rat run’ closure

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Residents have called for improved safety measures at a dangerous ‘rat run’ in Trimmingham, Halifax.

There are concerns that a serious accident will occur on Browfootgate Lane, Churn Lane and Trimmingham Road unless action is taken to combat motorists trying to avoid King Cross lights and HGVs following their Sat-Navs down unsuitable roads.

For the past two-and-half years residents have been campaigning for the roads to be improved in the area and are calling for part of Browfootgate Lane to be blocked off to through traffic.

Labour MP for Halifax Linda Riordan has joined the campaign. She said: “The road is extremely dangerous especially at busy times with hundreds of motorists using it as a shortcut.

“All it needs is for a section of the road to be closed to through traffic. This will ensure the road is safer, especially for children.

“It’s time to put the brakes on the speeding motorists who are putting lives at risk by trying to save a few minutes of their journey. Residents are saying ‘enough is enough’.”

The campaign is also being supported by local councillors Martin Burton (Warley, Lab) and James Baker (Warley, Lib Dem).

Coun Baker said: “I’d like to see the highways department put restrictions on the road, such as narrowing the road so trucks can’t get through or a one way system - it’s a dangerous road for drivers and for pedestrians.”