Candidate says UKIP are one of the ‘kindest’ parties

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A UKIP candidate has described her party as “one of the kindest and most balanced parties around” and dismissed an accusations of her party being racist.

Liz Philips, UKIP PPC for Halifax, said the national press purposefully misconstrue and twist what UKIP says to make them appear to be racist, and said the party represents the people of Britain no matter what race they are or where their families are from.

She said: “Just because we’ve raised the issue of open-door immigration, whereby millions of people can walk into this country at any time, we’ve been called racist.

“But how can you plan the services you need? If I were invited to your house for Sunday lunch and turned up with 40 people, you couldn’t cope,” she said.

“We have no idea on a day-today basis whether ten people are coming in or 10,000 - this is why we are exactly 80,000 primary school places short.

“I have an Indian daughter-in-law - I do not see race, colour or creed, I see people.”

Ms Philips criticised claims by both Labour and the Conservatives that if you vote for UKIP it will mean a vote for their respective opposition.

She said: “If you vote for UKIP these days, you tend to get UKIP - we’ve seen this in council elections.

“Across the whole of the North, people I’ve been speaking to are telling me that the Labour politicians are only around when its time for an election - they’re not the Labour party of back in the days of Harold Wilson.”

She said if she is elected in Halifax, she will make sure that she works very closely with Calderdale Council to bring about local change.

“My sleeves get rolled-up - I’m not afraid to get stuck-in,” she said.

“I’m not afraid to take on the other parties or go into area where I’m unpopular - everything will be done on a total consultation basis,” she said.