Car boot sale parking plea

North Bridge Leisure Centre car park
North Bridge Leisure Centre car park

FRUSTRATED shoppers and traders are calling for better parking at a car boot sale in Halifax.

North Bridge Leisure Centre car park has hosted the boot sale every Sunday since it was moved from the Broad Street site in July last year.

But those visiting the boot sale can not park on site and many are using Sainsbury’s car park, causing havoc for shoppers.

Robert Brown, 60, of Claremount, said: “With the boot sale going on I can’t get a space in Sainsbury’s car park to do food shopping and had to shop somewhere else last weekend.

“By 10am it is absolutely chocker and it’s going to get worse with the warmer weather.”

“The council need to do something about the lack of parking. The problem needs to be sorted.”

Boot sale visitors parking in Sainsbury’s were warned last week that they will be ticketed if their stay exceeds two hours.

Lee Davies, manager at the supermarket, said: “We are controlling the car park and trying to warn people that it is for Sainsbury’s customers. If a car is parked here for more than two hours they will be ticketed.”

Trader Kelvin Stewart said: “Most people are saying the lack of parking could kill the boot sale. It could knock business if customers are ticketed.

“Ideally, I’d like it to stay how it is and have customers parking at Sainsbury’s.”

Shoppers can park at Old Lane Car Park but other traders explained it is a steep hill for those buying heavy items.

Dave Tee, acting head of Calderdale Council highways and engineering, said: “The large amount of sellers at the weekly event means that, unfortunately, we cannot offer parking spaces on site.

“We encourage visitors to make use of the range of car parks and on-road parking throughout Halifax that is free of charge on Sundays.”

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