Car crashes inches from front door.

Car crashes on Rye Lane, Pellon
Car crashes on Rye Lane, Pellon

A father has spoken of his family’s lucky escape after a car smashed through a fence, careered through a garden and stopped inches from the front door of a Halifax house.

Paul Tait’s 12-year-old son Bradley was just about to leave for school when the car ploughed into the property at Rye Lane, Pellon, on Thursday morning.

Mr Tait, 45, chairman of the Action for Pellon Community Group, said if his son had walked though the door a few minutes earlier he could have been struck by the silver vehicle - which only avoided hitting the house because a wheelie bin was against the wall.

“My son was just about to go to school,” said single parent Mr Tait, who was in the kitchen making breakfast.

“I’ve still not stopped shaking. My son could have literally been going out the door had it had been a minute quicker.

“I’m glad he was dragging his feet a bit going to school. He’d actually have been straight on the footpath when it happened.”

Mr Tait said the garden was a mess and there was a big hole on the footpath.

“Luckily it was the bin which stopped it hitting the house. It’s trashed the wheelie bin and fence.”

Mr Tait said the driver, who was in his 60s, had struggled out of the car.

“The most worrying thing about it, apart from my son, was when he got out the car he left the engine running.

“He wandered about the garden, all worried about getting into the car.”

Police confirmed they had been called out to the accident at around 9am to a report that a vehicle had driven through a fence.

They said a 63-year-old man, who was uninjured, had been arrested. The man was wanted on warrant for driving while disqualifed.