Car crashes into garage - two 85-year-old women rescued by firefighters

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Fire crews from Elland freed two women from a car after it crashed into a garage.

Firefighters were called to a property in Hammerstones Drive, Elland, at 10am today (Tuesday) where they found an 85-year-old woman and her passenger trapped in a car.

It is thought that the driver was doing a three-point turn in the road when she lost control of the vehicle.

The car ended up on the driveway of a property in the street and crashed into the garage, leaving part of it collapsed and the women unable to open the doors of the car.

Both airbags had been activated.

Firefighters freed one woman by opening the back door and lowering the seats and they then cleared obstructions from the driver’s side and carried the other woman out.

Both women were unharmed, but were treated for shock by paramedics at the scene.

Crews left the scene at around 11am.