Cat-astrophe as RSPCA is feline squeeze

Gem Durham with Kitten Lily at the RSPCA, Halifax.
Gem Durham with Kitten Lily at the RSPCA, Halifax.

RSPCA Halifax is among those in the north of the country facing a cat crisis.

The furry friends are bombarding the branch with more than 400 Calderdale cats descending on the Halifax RSPCA this year alone.

Staff and volunteers say the pressure facing them is escalating and are calling on the public to help by offering some of these desperate cats a new home.

Kath Airey, treasurer at RSPCA Halifax said they’ve been full all year, peaking at caring for 120 cats at any one time.

She said: “We would like to stress to people, please do get your cats neutered, particularly young females. They can get pregnant from six months.

“We’ve got a situation when kittens could be getting pregnant, that’s often when people realise they can’t afford to keep cats and they get put on the street.”

Kath stressed the importance of owners getting their pets microchipped to avoid losing them.

She said: “We do try and reunite cats with their original owners, but we can only do that if they’re microchipped.”

Anyone interested in adopting a cat from RSPCA Halifax can visit their website. Fostering is also an option.