Cats dumped during heavy snow

Lucy Hoyles with Speckles and Tiger at the RSPCA, Halifax.
Lucy Hoyles with Speckles and Tiger at the RSPCA, Halifax.

Two unwanted cats were dumped on the doorstep of the RSPCA Halifax centre in today’s blizzard conditions.

Stunned staff found the shivering pets in a box with a note attached saying they were five months old and called Speckles and Tiger.

Manager Julie Cockroft said: “Someone must have driven along, jumped out and dumped the cats.

“They must have been desperate to get rid of them.”

Fortunately, the cats - a ginger male and black and white female - hadn’t been left for long.

Supervisor Gary Noble said they were found within two minutes of being dumped.

“They look reasonable and will have a full vet check and we will keep them here until we find them a new home,” he said.

Mr Noble said it was the first time someone had gone to the trouble of dumping pets at the RSPCA centre in such bad weather conditions.

Normally, when people turn up at the centre with unwanted pets they are redirected to other organisations such as the Cats Protection League or the Haworth Cat Rescue.

Mr Noble said that was because the RSPCA had to prioritise its care for animals most in need.