Celebratory 100th party for Edith

Edith Annison turns 100.
Edith Annison turns 100.

A Sowerby woman marked the turn of a century when she turned up the her 100th birthday party in a glamorous chauffeur driven Royals Royce.

Edith Annison celebrated her milestone birthday in true style as dozens of her family and friends turned out to the Tower House event to mark the occasion.

Edith Annison arrives at her 100th birthday party.

Edith Annison arrives at her 100th birthday party.

“It was absolutely gorgeous”, said Edith. “I had my family from Holland and Canada, it was beautiful.”

Edith said she wanted to give a special mention to Tower House manager, Robert Oddy.

“Rob and his wife were really good, the meal was absolutely gorgeous. I’d like to thank them personally, they were a wonderful couple,” she said.

Mr Oddy said the party was a great success.

He said: “We served her a lovely hot and cold buffet in the evening and found all her favourite music from the years gone by. It was a lovely day.

“She’s a lady who’s had a full and long life and reached the magical age of 100. She’s so full of life and it’s such a lovely thing.

“She booked it when she was 98.”

Edith outlives nine brothers and sisters – including sister Emily who died last year at 101.

“I’m just the one left, we were a lovely close family,” she said.

Edith moved to her current Pollit Avenue address in Sowerby 32 years ago from Pye Nest around the time that her husband Albert died in 1982.

She has a son and daughter who both now live in Canada, and is close to her nieces who live here in the UK.

“I’ve three wonderful nieces,” said Edith.

“I have a niece Edna. I go there every year for Christmas and every year for my holidays.”

“It’s nice to have a nice family,” she said.