Charity cash collected for Lisa Saville stolen

Lisa Saville
Lisa Saville

A HEARTBROKEN mum has spoken out after club-goers stole wads of notes from a collection in memory of her daughter.

Debbie Saville was fund-raising for late daughter Lisa, along with many of the teenager’s friends and family.

The group, including Lisa’s boyfriend Dom Flynn, were on a night out in Halifax, carrying collection tins and hoping to raise as much as possible for a memorial to Lisa, who died aged 19 after she fell from a moving taxi in March. The group were celebrating what would have been her 20th birthday.

“It’s like they have stolen from Lisa,” said Debbie.

“It’s not about the money. It’s the fact they’ve got in to the tins, opened them and taken the money. I was gobsmacked.”

The fund-raising group, which totalled around 100, started their night in The Salvation bar, Bull Green, Halifax.

They were carrying five pink collection boxes which were being passed between the group. Some of the girls were selling kisses on the cheek to other party-goers and generous revellers were seen putting notes in the tubs.

The tubs were passed between the group and left on tables nearby to attract attention. It is thought they were also taken into the toilets with members of the group and were prised open during the night.

Debbie headed home at 11.30pm with two of the boxes and left the rest with the girls for more notes and cash to be added while they continued their night.

“We didn’t know until we got home. We knew there had been notes in them and in notes alone we think there was £250 to £300 in there.”

Lisa’s twin sisters Chloe and Sophie were counting the money in their living room the next morning when Debbie warned them to be careful about the amount of cash she expected to be inside.

“I told them to be careful because there was a lot of money in them. ‘There’s not’ the girls said.

“We thought it might have gone into a separate tub and I was ringing all the girls the next day but no-one had it. I’m devastated.”

People wishing to return any money are asked to do so at Maggies, Fountain Street.