Charity offers helping hand

Brighouse charity SCARD are celebrating their first anniversary.
Brighouse charity SCARD are celebrating their first anniversary.

Brighouse-based charity SCARD held an open day to celebrate its first year of being based in the town.

The organisation is the only national road safety charity with a helpline open 365 days a year.

It is hoped the open day has helped raise awareness of the charity, who are helping to organise the world day of remembrance for road traffic victims memorial service in Leeds next month.

Steve Gough, whose daughter Naomi was killed in a car accident on Burdock Way in Halifax in 2007, aged 19, is treasurer of the charity.

He said: “Part of the purpose of the open day is to let people know we’re a national charity based in Brighouse.

“When you suffer a bereavement of a child your head is all over the place.

“You think you’re going mad. But it’s the experience that helps people.

“If you speak to someone who’s never experience it there’s no empathy, they don’t understand it.

“The worst thing you can say to someone who’s lost somebody is ‘I know how you’re feeling’ when you don’t.

“Whereas when people come here we can say that and mean it.

“Every bereavement is individual and everybody deals with it differently. But there are a lot of similarities.

“If we’re quiet, we’re happy because people aren’t dying, but it doesn’t often happen.”

Mr Gough said his involvement with the charity has been a rewarding experience.

“It’s helped me and wife a lot,” he added. “It’s rewarding and you feel you’re making a positive out of something bad.

“I do a lot of school presentations and if it saves one of those kids’ lives it’s worth doing.

“I tell them statistically one of them won’t reach the age of 30 and make it a stark message.

“I like to feel we are saving lives.”

To speak to someone at SCARD, you can call between 9am and 9pm on 0845 1235542.