Child murder case - sensational new twist

Courier Exlusive by Joe Shute

Three men have appeared in court today charged with filming part of the Lesley Molseed murder trial at Bradford Crown Court.

As well as video equipment, it is understood the charges also cover an audio device alleged to have been used to record a part of the case.

The men were held yesterday and were taken to a courtroom separate to the one which was hearing the case.

The three men - Noel O'Gara, George Westcott and Patrick Cullinan - were allegedly spotted making audio and video recordings of yesterday's proceedings.

They are all charged with contempt of court.

Yesterday they declined legal representation.

Judge Stephen Gullick, who is hearing the contempt case said: "I am told they took possession of photography equipment and a full audio recording in relation to a case. This is a very serious case and contempt of court."

One of the accused, O'Gara said: "I don't want a lawyer because I have done nothing wrong."

But the judge replied: "On the contrary you have done something extremely wrong. You could face up to 2 years in custody. It is a extremely serious criminal offence."

This morning the men appeared in court again and all three asked for legal representation.

They were taken back to the cells and will be sentenced later.

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