Children left retching after latest animal waste spillage

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CHILDREN walking to school were left retching after a spill of animal waste.

Body parts were dropped near the junction of Fleet Lane and Brighouse and Denholme Road, Queensbury, near Foxhill Parimary School.

It was the latest in a series of incidents involving spillages and foul smells that have affected residents in Queensbury and Boothtown, Halifax.

One parent said he was walking his children aged four and eight around 8.45 am on Friday when they came across animal body parts at the side of a trailer.

“There was intestines and internal organs splattered on to the pavement and there was also other fluid offal,” he said.

“The smell was absolutely vile and there were several small children retching.”

He hurried his children into school and said staff ushered children inside from the playground because of the smell. “The trailer must have been extremely full with animal parts that they could spill over so easily,” he said.

“There is a constant trail of wagons carrying vile- smelling, insecure loads, dripping animal bodily fluids through Queensbury.”

Councillor Michael Walls (Con, Queensbury) said he had been alerted to the spillage near Foxhill Primary School and he contacted the Leo Group and Bradford Council to deal with it.

He said he appreciated the company had to deal with the animal waste but the public should not be exposed to spillages and foul smells.

“The drivers’ first consideration should be to avoid spillages and I can’t believe in this day and age there aren’t vehicles that can contain the waste and stop the smells.”

The school said the incident had been dealt with and it had no further comment.

The Leo Group last year set up the Swalesmoor Liaison Group to improve community relations after protests about odours and spillages from vehicles travelling to a rendering plant in Bradford.

The company runs a waste transfer site at Swalesmoor, Boothtown, and runs its own transport fleet – Alba Transport.

Angela Brindle, environmental health manager for Bradford Council, said: “An officer from Bradford Council has visited the school and our investigations are continuing with a view to taking further action.

“Alba Transport cleared up outside the school.”

A company spokesman said: “The Leo Group is investigating the cause of the incident and liaising closely with Bradford Council.”