Christmas shoppers flooding stores across Halifax today

Christmas shopping at the Woolshops, Halifax
Christmas shopping at the Woolshops, Halifax

Stores across Halifax are reporting a rush of Christmas shoppers today.

Harvey’s department store said they have been “absolutely manic” with last-minute present-buyers.

Menaz Akhtar, store manager at Matalan, said there were customers waiting outside their shop when they opened this morning.

“We’ve also been quite busy in the evenings,” she said, “And we’re opening at a minute past midnight on Christmas Eve.”

She added she had been to Sainsbury’s in Halifax at 8am this morning and the car park was full.

TK Maxx and Wilkinsons staff said they have also been busy.

Raz Bibi from Wilkinsons said pouring rain did not seem to have put shoppers off and she was expecting the rush to continue tomorrow and Christmas Eve,