Clean up operation continues after Calderdale homes damaged by floods

The flood clean up begins in the Calder Valley
The flood clean up begins in the Calder Valley

The clean up operation of homes, businesses and roads continue in Calderdale following the floods caused by intense rain and wind at the weekend.

The Environment Agency issued 14 flood warnings on Saturday evening for the River Calder across both the Upper and Lower Calder valleys.

Floods in Burnley Road, Todmorden.

Floods in Burnley Road, Todmorden.

A number of localised surface flooding problems occurred, with road closures on the A646 Burnley Road at Cornholme.

Although heavy rain was forecast, it did not indicate the full extent of the storm that took place.

The Leader of Calderdale Council, Councillor Tim Swift, said: “Although heavy rain was forecast for Saturday, the intensity and duration of the rainfall was unexpected.

"However, as soon as flood alerts were issued, Council teams swung into action clearing gullies and debris to keep the highways as clear as possible.

"As the situation developed, messages were also put out to advise people of road closures and to emphasise the need to drive carefully in areas that were suffering from surface water flooding.

“Thankfully, the rivers did not breach their banks, but we will continue to monitor levels throughout the coming days, particularly with further wet weather forecast for this week."

The Council said that since the beginning of October, the its Safer, Cleaner, Greener teams have been out mechanically clearing leaves and using gully wagons and sweepers across Calderdale, with concentrated efforts in the Upper Valley and other flood-prone areas.

However, the intensity of Saturday’s weather led to further impact on gullies as leaves were falling from trees in the strong winds.

The Council had gully wagons out dealing with blocked gullies and clearing silt and debris from the highways.

With more heavy rain forecast, teams will remain on standby and monitor the forecast and any developing issues.

Extra resources are out clearing gullies and leaves over the coming days to continue the clean up and address the impact of the storm.