Cleaner looks to take world’s fastest squeegee crown

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A Brighouse window cleaner is aiming to prove he has the quickest sponge and squeegee on Earth as he takes on a world record holder.

Paul Boothroyd, who runs Commercial and Domestic Cleaning, will go up against Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows who is still officially the world’s fastest window cleaner 20 years on from first appearing on BBC1’s Record Breakers.

Terry 'Turbo' Burrows

Terry 'Turbo' Burrows

Terry’s best-ever performance, which saw him clean three 1.143m high windows in just 9.14 seconds, took place in Blackpool in 2009.

Paul, 51, from Bailiff Bridge, said: “Terry is a legend in the world of window cleaning and his record has stood for over 20 years.

“However I’m pretty quick myself, and with a bit of intensive training I might be in a position to take him on in Manchester. But even if I can’t come close, the world record attempt is always a lot fun and is a great way to demonstrate the skills and professionalism of Britain’s window cleaners.”

Terry ‘Turbo’ Burrows, who is from Romford in Essex, is returning to the North to see if anyone can beat his record and is throwing down the gauntlet to window cleaners from Yorkshire who might fancy their chances.

Paul Boothroyd

Paul Boothroyd

He said of the contest: “As a former martial arts instructor and boxer I managed to perfect a rapid 16-move sequence which is very hard to copy if you don’t have the core strength, flexibility, fast hands and reflexes.

“However, unlike the early days when I first started competing, now you can study my technique via clips on YouTube, and each year a new generation of cleaners come along to try and beat me.

“Maybe this year in Manchester I’ll finally meet my match, and I’ll have to hand over my title. But even if that happens I’ll never forget how great it was to break my own record twice on Northern soil, and it would be great to see a cleaner from the region help to continue this tradition.”

The world record window cleaning challenge itself is organised and adjudicated on behalf of The Guinness Book of Records by the Federation of Window Cleaners (FWC), the national trade association for the window cleaning industry.

Andrew Lee, chair of the FWC, said: “Terry has done amazingly well to hang on to his record for this long but there’s always a chance of an upset in April. Lots of our members have already told us they are planning to take a crack at his record, and some are in training right now.

“Having said that, when you see Terry on video or cleaning live he moves so quickly it’s hard to imagine someone will ever manage a sub-nine second time even if they try and copy his technique. So we’ll have to wait and see if anyone can match him when the competition comes to Manchester in April. ”

Paul will look to break the world record along with other Yorkshire cleaners at The Cleaning Show in Manchester on April 6 and 7.