Club’s rocket as pub plots ‘free’ firework display

The advert which appeared on Spring Rock's facebook page
The advert which appeared on Spring Rock's facebook page

A pub has been slammed for advertising free access to a paid for firework display at a neighbouring rugby club.

Greetland All Rounders are hosting their display at the club on Sunday evening.

The club is charging £7 for a family ticket to the display to raise money to improve the facilities for their youth teams.

But the Spring Rock Inn, situated over the road from the club, has posted an posted an advert for the event on facebook which reads: “The Spring Rock - watch someone else’s firework party!!”.

Alan Hindle, first team captain at Greetland All Rounders said: “It’s feels like we’ve been stabbed in the back. The display is put on by the youth teams at the club to raise funds for new equipment for them.

“But the pub are using an event we’ve spent a lot of time and money on to line their own pockets.

“In the past we’ve had a good relationship but I can’t believe their cheek.”

The post appeared on the Spring Rock’s facebook site on Tuesday with the message “Come join us on the 4th to watch a mega firework display no entry fee!!!”

It has so far received over 40 comments.

Dale Cunningham wrote “Quality”, Nicola Gibson put “Ha brilliant!” and Christina Sheppard commented “Haha love it!”

But others were not so supportive of the idea.

Gareth Clay wrote “The issue is how you’ve advertised intentionally trying to take away the custom from Greetland club”, Nicola White said “Shame on you Spring Rock” and Helen Lacey put “It has taken alot of hard work to organise for someone else to benifit. The Spring Rock should hang its head in shame.”

The Spring Rock were unavailable to comment.