Come Dine for SmartMove - get involved

Come Dine for SmartMove with Jack McAusland, Florence Dixon and Stuart Hegney.
Come Dine for SmartMove with Jack McAusland, Florence Dixon and Stuart Hegney.

Come Dine for SmartMove is the new culinary campaign that hopes to be on the lips of diners across Calderdale.

The one-month campaign is a tale of two courses: the first two-weeks will encourage residents to get creative in the kitchen - inviting guests to donate £10 per head to the ‘come dine with me’ style SmartMove dinner party charity campaign; with the second sitting of the campaign focusing on ‘dining out’ - at Come Dine for SmartMove participating restaurants who will donate £1 for every dining party.

Whether you dine in or out - or both, the culinary campaign will help give a much needed boost to help Calderdale’s homeless and vulnerable.

SmartMove, established in 1998, supports homeless and vulnerably housed people to find safe and secure accommodation; provides one-to-one client support; food and household starter packs; education and employment programmes; cooking classes and other support services.

The charity has 111 clients - with 78 people on the waiting list. Insufficient funds and provisions means vulnerable members of Calderdale’s society face a continued wait.

SmartMove’s chief executive Stuart Rumney said: “In addition to council contracts - we need £100,000 to survive. We hope the campaign will raise £25,000.”

SmartMove volunteer Stuart Hegney, 45, of Halifax, used the service two-years-ago when he was evicted.

“SmartMove helped me find a property, secure a bond and do a tenacy course - which helped me back on my feet.”

In a campaign to accommodate all, SmartMove is asking the public and proprietors to pledge their support and pull up a pew at the Come Dine for SmartMove dining table from October 10 - November 10.

Over the coming weeks, the Courier will be offering recipe inspiration and more to help you cook up a storm.

The Hinchcliffe Arms, Cragg Vale, and Casa, Brighouse, are already on board - donating £1 for every seated party. Contact the Courier or SmartMove to find out more.