Come home Ernie: Pining family offers £1,000 reward for beloved missing parrot

Victoria Roebuck, 19, of Smithies Close, Barkisland, said: “We’re not going to give up on him. We miss him so much, it’s been horrendous without him. It’s been so quiet.”

Ernie – who can squawk phrases including “greetings”, “cup of tea” and “bad birds” – was last seen a week ago in Elland. Witnesses spotted one of the many posters put up around the area by the Roebuck family and rang Victoria but it was too late.

Victoria said her family fell in love with Ernie when they went to a pet shop in Manchester. “We just heard this little “hello” and it was him, right at the back of his cage, muttering “hello”. We felt sorry for him, sat on his perch with no toys.”

Victoria said Ernie is a naughty bird - and will land on her head to claw her hair before flying on to a door laughing. Ernie was perched on Victoria’s father’s shoulder on June 19 – Father’s Day – when a gust of wind blew a back door open and Ernie was gone.

l Anyone who sees Ernie should phone Victoria on 01422 825167 or 07595 980869. Visit our website at to view a video of Ernie talking.