Community connecting together in fundraising

Pupils and staff receive funding from CFFC at Ravenscliffe School
Pupils and staff receive funding from CFFC at Ravenscliffe School

Fine-tuning the art of fundraising is something at the heart of the agenda for the Community Foundation For Calderdale (CFFC).

Steve Duncan, CEO of the CFFC, has launched a range of fundraising tips , offering those looking to raise funds with some great advice.

Fundraising advice - of which will be particularly focused on at a special CFFC event next year - follows the outcome of funds the foundation provided to one of the CFFC’s charities, the Friends of Ravenscliffe High School, a small charity that has been having a big impact in the lives of young people with special needs and their families.

The charity received funding from the foundation to pay the air fares of 25 students and 12 staff going to France on an activity holiday.

“The French trip was a great opportunity for our students to gain confidence and self-esteem and for their parents to get some respite,” said Jo Hague.

“Some of them hadn’t been away from home before and some had never flown on an aeroplane so it was also a learning experience.”

The CFFC has also helped Ravenscliffe pay for a number of adapted bicycles this year, available for use by disabled adults too on Saturdays at the Spring Hall.

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The prospect of family, food and presents is what many look forward to in the run up to Christmas, but for some people in Calderdale that isn’t quite the case.

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