Community hall is still the heart of the village

Norwood Green Village Hall, Village Street, Norwood Green
Norwood Green Village Hall, Village Street, Norwood Green

Community spirit is alive and well in Norwood Green, seven years after the completion of the village hall.

Residents bought the hall, which was owned by the Coley Church, in 2005 for £40,000 and then raised another £55,000 to see it refurbished with new wiring, central heating, a modern kitchen, and a new hall and entrance way .

It was officially opened in 2007, and has flourished since.

Five years since it was opened, the centre is now used every night of the week for a range of activities, including the weekly coffee morning, pilates, yoga, aerobics and table tennis, and the monthly resident association meeting.

The centre is so well used it is now making money for the community, which they’re investing in maintaining the village greens.

Wendy Ramsden, chairwoman of the Norwood Green Residents Association, said she was delighted that the hall was so well used.

“We rallied around to save the hall because it’s all we have left,” she said.

“It’s so well used and we’re delighted that it’s proved to be a success.

On June 2, the hall will host the eagerly anticipated village jubilee celebrations with a special fete, and all village residents are invited.

“It should be a fantastic occasion,” Wendy added.