Complaints over ‘rude’ police rise

COMPLAINTS against West Yorkshire Police are up three per cent.

According to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, there were 903 complaints about the force last year, compared with 874 the year before.

The main allegations were about neglect or failure in duty, incivility and assault.

There were 289 allegations of incivility, 277 allegations of neglect of duty, compared tos 305 the year before and 269 allegations of assault, compared with 257 the previous year.

Nationally the figures show that last year 33,854 people complained about the police in England and Wales – an 8 per cent increase on the previous year.

The most common aspects of policing that people complained about remained the same as in previous year, with nearly 50 centof allegations about officers neglecting their duties or being rude.

Independent Police Complaints Commission interim chairman Len Jackson, said: “The number of ‘rude and late’ complaints highlight the standards expected of the police service and the need to improve how they interact with the public. “