Cook-up some support

Come Dine for Smartmove
Come Dine for Smartmove

Calderdale residents - get your chef hats on and plan to cook-up culinery sensations for your Come Dine for SmartMove dinner-party guests.

From October 10-25, people are asked to pledge their support to SmartMove by hosting dinner parties and inviting guests who will donate £10 per head to the homeless charity.

SmartMove celebrated its 15th year of providing housing and services for homeless and vulnerable people.

Speaking at the SmartMove 15-year celebration at the White Swan Hotel, Halifax, chief executive Stuart Rumney said: “For every £1 spent on our preventative services; the council saves £2. Please give back to less fortunate community members and support the campaign.”

After council contracts, SmartMove has a £100k deficit to accrue; to keep the over-subscribed charity afloat.

Maltings College chefs are cooking-up support by offering five winners (four guests each) to a four-course dinner on October 10 at 7:30pm.

Maltings chef Matthew Anderson said: “The Maltings are keen to help out with the Come Dine for SmartMove event, and the students are on board to support this, helping with the meal for the competition winners.

“The students’ involvement has come from them being able to associate with an age group affected by homelessness, as many young people between the ages of 16-18 can find themselves homeless due to relationship breakdowns, the students are keen to help out where they can.”

To enter the Maltings competition in association with Come Dine For SmartMove answer the question: Parsley sauce traditionally accompanies which dish? A. Fish and Chips. B. Roast Beef. C. Full English. Email or tweet @CalderSmartMove see dine for more info.

Dinner party donations can be made online to Local Giving and from October 15, for every £10 donated Match Fund will double it to £20.

Next week’s paper will include Dean Clough Cooking School, Halifax, recipes.