Cooking up some world cuisine

A TEAM of young food connoisseurs had their culinary skills put to the test at The Cooking School at Dean Clough.

The Dining Club - a group of visually impaired youngsters - are exploring world cuisine across Halifax, trying different foods.

At The Cooking School there were treated to a tailor-made cooking course where they made and then ate Mediterranean specialities.

The Cooking School’s executive director, Anita Cormac, said, “We are especially pleased to welcome these connoisseurs with discerning palates who are keen to try a wide range of foods.

“As the group are sight-impaired, taste is extremely important.

“The youngsters prepared and cooked red pepper and goat’s cheese tartlets and tiramisu.

“Using a range of cooking skills, they surprised us and themselves with their culinary prowess.”

Sue Mort, organiser of the Dining Club, said: “The young people have all had a fantastic time and learnt some new recipes under the guidance of a professional chef.

“A visual impairment does not have to be a barrier to cooking good food - simple techniques and adapted equipment is all it takes.

“Working with The Cooking School has proved to be a great partnership.”