Cops’ Asbo cards

Sgt Damon Walker hands out ASBO Valentine cards in Ovenden.
Sgt Damon Walker hands out ASBO Valentine cards in Ovenden.

ASBO yobs in Halifax received a special St Valentine’s Day card from police – warning them to stick to the conditions of their orders.

The cards dropped through the letterboxes of houses in Mixenden, Ovenden and Illingworth in Halifax.

But instead of being a romantic message sent from a secret admirer, the card is a stark warning to keep to their orders from the authorities.

Officers from Halifax North and East neighbourhood policing team worked with Calderdale Community Safety Partnership and Calderdale Council on the cards.

The neighbourhood policing team’s Sergeant Damon Walker, who came up with the idea, said: “It’s just a reminder for them to adhere to the conditions of their anti-social behaviour orders and to make them aware that we are monitoring them.”

There are currently 16 people with Asbos in north Halifax.

The card they will be receiving include well-known acronyms such as HOLLAND (Hope Our Love Last and Never Die), SWALK (Sealed With a Loving Kiss) and MALAYA (My Ardent Lips Await Your Arrival).

But it states ASBO is the only one recipients need to understand.