Coroner rules Sarah Royle’s death was accidental

Sarah Royle with her boyfriend Chris Scrimshaw
Sarah Royle with her boyfriend Chris Scrimshaw

A CORONER in Singapore has ruled the death of Sarah Royle was an accident.

The family of the tragic 31-year-old have returned from Singapore after hearing the inquest into her death and said they now feel a sense of closure.

The coroner said the most likely scenario was that Sarah, of Hebden Bridge, had accidentally fallen from the rooftop terrace on the fourth floor of an apartment block.

Sister Jo, who lives in Todmorden, said “We are happy with what we were told. It’s a weight off our mind to know that nothing sinister happened to poor Sarah.

“It’s such a waste of a life, a horrible accident that could have been avoided.”

While in Singapore for the hearing Jo, sister Premsa, their partners and children, and Sarah’s boyfriend Chris Scrimshaw visited the apartment block where she died.

They placed a white arched lily at the scene.

They also left some ribbons where they were staying so Sarah’s friends could see them.

She said: “Even though it was really hard out in Singapore, it was really good that we were all there for each other.”