Council budget: At a glance

* A total of £180 million will be spent on Calderdale Council services in 2011-12 – £14 million less than this year.

* The health and social budget will be reduce by 2.3 million to 55.8 million.

* Spending on services for children and young people will be cut by nearly 3 million to 55.9 million.

* 2.4 million less will go into the economy and environment directorate, leaving 34.9 million.

* Chief executive Owen Williams will have to save 1.1 million, the communities budget will be cut by 2.2 million to 26 million and across the council as a whole savings of 3.8 million are expected.

* Council leaders want to reduce "non-essential expenditure" by nearly 2 million and to "optimise income generation" in order to raise another 2 million.

* Better ways of working with fewer managers should save 8.4 million and new ways of commissioning services nearly 2 million.

* Continuing this process should cut costs by 21.5 million in 2012 and 25.8 million in 2013/14.