Council budget: Dearer parking may be on the way

REORGANISING home care staff, managers and services could save £450,000 this year while charges are almost certain to go up for users, raising a further £480,000.

"Re-designing" learning services and "reshaping" young people's services should save more than 900,000 while permanently scrapping plans to give free books to infants will save 380,000.

But councillors plan to spend 411,000 a year more on intensive family support, 120,000 more on safeguarding children and to provide the extra 400,000 a year needed to look after children in council care.

Higher parking charges should raise an extra 503,000 and an extra 1 million has been earmarked for the snow clearing budget.

"Rationalising" tourist information should eventually save nearly 100,000 a year, reorganising ward forums and community engagement at least 500,000 and putting up prices for swimming, leisure centres and sports pitches should raise 600,000.

A review of libraries is expected to save up to 350,000 a year.

Councillors have budgeted for a staff pay freeze this year and only a 1 per cent rise in each of the following two years.

Nearly 10 per cent could be trimmed off the 700,000 it costs to pay for and support councillors.