Council defend parking ticket issued outside Hebden Bridge funeral directors

Hebden Bridge Funeral Service.Hebden Bridge Funeral Service.
Hebden Bridge Funeral Service.
Calderdale Council have justified the actions of a traffic warden who issued a ticket to a vehicle parked close to a Hebden Bridge funeral directors.

A post circulated on social media yesterday claimed the vehicle was being used to load a body into the premises of Hebden Bridge Funeral Service.

It was parked in the Garden Street car park to the rear of the building.

A Calderdale Council spokesperson, said:

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Parking restrictions are in place to ensure public safety and to help traffic flow. There are exemptions for some vehicles, including ambulances and funeral hearses. However, the vehicle in this case was not covered by these exemptions.

“The vehicle was only marked as belonging to a funeral director, was parked in contravention of the car park restrictions which are clearly displayed on the information board within the car park, was parked outside of a marked bay, and was also blocking in another car.

"The notice displayed in the window was not sufficient to waive the car park’s restrictions and therefore the Civil Enforcement Officer issued a Penalty Charge Notice after seeking clarification and direction from a supervisor.

“We always ask people to park considerately and respect other vehicles and parking restrictions. Although we sympathise with the situation, the vehicle was parked irresponsibly and as such, the Penalty Charge Notice will be upheld.

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“The business has been advised of the restrictions and exemptions previously and has not indicated that these cause any issues.

“The owner of the vehicle has the right to appeal against the Penalty Charge Notice."

A spokesperson for Hebden Bridge Funeral Directors declined to comment on the matter.